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Inspiring Creativity Through Celebration

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About Helen Jane

Hello, that's me.Here you’ll find entertaining ideas for busy people, people with jobs, people without any extra space in their kitchen cabinets and without time to fiddle.

Hosting great parties is about welcoming, comforting, entertaining and feeding guests.
I want to help you do that.

This web site helps fulfill my mission, to inspire creativity through celebration.
Here, I’ll put it real big like for all to see.

I am Here to Inspire Creativity Through Celebration.

Want to collaborate on something cool for your business?
Email me at helenjane@hjentertains.com and we’ll make something awesome happen.

My family and I live in California’s gorgeous Napa Valley, where we balance work, play and the raising of our two toddler daughters. During the day, I work with the smartypants people behind Federated Media, a company that supports the best of the independent web. I also do custom design consulting through Maplevine.

I’m co-captain of my bocce team, Joanie Loves Bocce. We throw a themed potluck at every weekly bocce game from April through October. I also started Cheesewhizzes, a cheese club that meets every other month for a big themed cheese party. I’m an organizing co-founder of the Mighty Summit and throw as many Adventureparties as I can find time for.

You’ll find me blogging about my personal life at helenjane.com, where I have recorded my goings on since 1998.