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Monthly Archives: March 2011

2011 29 March

St. Helena Lobster Feed

Holy moly, they did it again. I told you about this last year over on my other blog. And all the same things held true. I was pinchy, in need of cutting loose. The town celebrated. I joined them. I needed that. (What IS it about March, with the pinchiness? This happens every year, not […]

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2011 25 March

Tweet Round-up

Lobsterfeed! Cheese and bread are perfect wine tasting party snacks. Soak up all that wine in your belly with some really good french bread. It’s hard to remember, but hold the wine by the little stem. Fingerprints and hot, sticky hands help to change your perfect wines. Smokey eye tutorial at my local Mary […]

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2011 21 March

Party People: Rick Webb

Rick Webb is an internet legend. (Trust me, I know my legends. He’s up there.) He’s co-founder of the barbarian group, the kind of interactive agency that makes magic out of the internet. (Literally! With cloaks and wands and code and stuff!) I attended their party at SXSW last week, only to find myself behind […]

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2011 18 March

Tweet roundup

This week, I was at SXSW, and CC’d Foodily a whole lot of my food photos. How to make a candle out of a Clementine from Apartment Therapy. Rad. Olives, cheese, bread, olive oil, Fin Amour, Friday night is looking up. St. Patty’s date night! @screenburn keeps getting hotter. It’s worth storing […]

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2011 17 March

Austin-bound, safe and sound

Things have been quiet due to intense preparations for SXSW interactive and then intense follow up. For the past week, I’ve been attending parties and catching up on the state of the internet. As I get back into the swing of things, Here are three ditties I noticed to tuck into your party brain. Remove […]

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2011 7 March

Party People: Katie H.

As you may know, I’m a loyal participant (and team captain) of our city’s bocce league. I met Katie, many years ago, through bocce. Our shared enthusiasm for an all-ages sport that revolves around sportsmanship, community and great food, made us fast friends. Katie and I throw the end of the year Bocce Chili Cookoff […]

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2011 4 March

Tweets from this week.

Heck yes, Earth, Wind & Fire Pandora Station. Always appropriate. @MelissaSummers The shoefree people are pretty adamant. But I have to say, if you’re throwing a party in your home, please allow shoes. @daisysf Aye, non-shoewearing homes. I respect the clean/germfree floors, but when it comes to being a good host… If you’re a shoe-wearing […]

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2011 2 March

Slow cooker short ribs with a lively Gremolata

I like this recipe for a weeknight dinner party for reasons three. Short ribs can cook all day while you’re at work. That all day cooking makes your home smell all cozy and comforting. They’re inexpensive, for meat. That’s enough for me. I use a slow cooker for this recipe — and if you have […]


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