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Monthly Archives: April 2011

2011 29 April

Tweet Roundup

Some folks make May Day garlands for kids and crown of the May Queen. I think I’ll crown a May Queen. Because I can. Romans celebrated Flora, goddess of fertility, flowers, and spring, from April 28 through May 3. I like Flora, she seems celebratable. RT @gailsimmons: Favorite #RoyalWedding statistic: approx 2.5 MILLION cocktail sausages […]

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2011 28 April

Filling your May Day basket

The nice thing about adapting a tradition like May Day for modern ages is that you don’t have to feel locked in to a certain style. Filling your May Day basket doesn’t have to be expensive or twee, it can be what ever the heck you want it to be. Fun. Modern. Photographic. Natural. In […]

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2011 27 April

Building May Day Baskets

Baskets are the bane of my clutter-free home. They remind me of that late eighties country kitchen theme, one not really my aesthetic. So when it comes to the basket part of the May Day basket, I have three suggestions so you’re not buying extra stuff. 1. Use extra Easter baskets. We are lucky enough […]

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2011 26 April

May Days from the past, yo

So May Day is my fascination this week. We’re putting May Day baskets on 5 neighbor’s doors on Sunday. Before we make our lists, I wanted to check out some history first. I like May Day because it seems like such a female holiday. Traditionally, May Day celebrations include fertility and beauty. I’d said on […]


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2011 25 April

May Day

Yes, I know that Easter just wrapped. It was a celestial anomaly. Let’s get ready for May Day. May Day? What’s that? It’s an everyone holiday. It’s a public holiday, for workers. It’s said to be a celebration of labor all over the world (England, China, Soviet Union). My favorite part of May Day is […]


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2011 22 April

Tweet Roundup

Last minute clean! Check towels, rugs and shiny surfaces to make sure all are company ready. Keep disinfecting wipes under the sink. Summer’s approaching schedule craziness comes up fast. Write down weddings, graduations and picnics NOW so you have a picture in your head. RT: @winesisterhood Just Blogged: Celebrate Spring with a Biscuit Bar Brunch […]

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2011 21 April

Less parasitic places

I’ve been down with a parasite something or other since my return from New Orleans this week. Understandably, that makes things having to do with planning Easter brunch and snappy appetizers a challenge. I am thankful that the internet has no lack of cool things to point you to during my time of misery. 1. […]

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2011 19 April

Photographing your nuts

Like I mentioned, AB Chao and I had a good deal of fun presenting last minute appetizer tips to the attendees of the Mom 2.0 Summit in New Orleans. Part of our presentation had appetizer photography tips. (You might as well capture some content while you’re prepping snacks.) Like I may have said here, I’m […]


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2011 17 April

Mom 2.0 Summit

Have you met AB Chao? She was my co-presenter for our Mom 2.0 presentation: Snappy appetizers – Stylish appetizers from your home to your blog We had a blast sharing tips for last minute entertaining – and how to capitalize on it for your blog. We enjoyed photography, styling and snacks with some of the […]

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2011 15 April

Tweet round up

Chef Besh is a total hottie. @myzatarains #mom2summit Holy #mom2summit Thinking of hiring a bartender? You’ll want one for every 30 guests. Luxurious, right? You’ll also need an extra dish if your appetizer has toothpicks, shrimp tails or nuts in their shells. Dish! Dish! Don’t forget to save room on your kitchen counters so […]

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