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Tweet Roundup

  • Last minute clean! Check towels, rugs and shiny surfaces to make sure all are company ready. Keep disinfecting wipes under the sink.
  • Summer’s approaching schedule craziness comes up fast. Write down weddings, graduations and picnics NOW so you have a picture in your head.
  • RT: @winesisterhood Just Blogged: Celebrate Spring with a Biscuit Bar Brunch http://bit.ly/eEtOBb
  • Maximize keepability for last minute entertaining with cheese. Aged goudas, cheddars and hard cheeses last longer.
  • Last minute party pantry: Use different dried fruits than the raisins in your cupboard. Blueberries, mango, cherries and strawberries.
  • @tokissthecook I just touched your card too! It’s like a jinx but way creepier! (Ha!)
  • I feel like keeping a bottle of sparkling wine in your fridge brings you reasons to celebrate.
  • Happy 4/20, party people. May you have seven varieties of snack mix and all the Arrested Development episodes within reach.
  • @talleygilly Thanks! Keeping the lid screwed on tight is applicable to SO MANY things in my life.
  • I keep all my last minute party items in a giant vintage mayonnaise jar so I’m not tempted to snack on them myself.
  • Three quick appetizer photography tips on the blog today: http://bit.ly/gXQtjC
  • @SandyCoughlinRE Appeasing the budget gods to let me go to all the blogging conferences includes lots of incense. Fingers crossed!
  • @mochamomma This makes me unreasonably happy. I like to know that people think of me when they see balls.
  • @Soricey (In entertaining expert voice) Simply cover with bags of snack-friendly frozen edamame and raw shrimp! (/EEV) P.S. LET’S HANG
  • @leahpeah if the answers to those two thoughts aren’t AWESOME and LOVELY, I have some butt kicking to do.
  • RT @sthrnfairytale: Why do people keep giving @hjentertains a knife? http://flic.kr/p/9A2S6y #mom2summit
  • Frozen desserts are a last minute entertainer’s best friend. Pound cake in your freezer? You’re all set!
  • @SandyCoughlinRE does it again with tips for setting a beautifully frugal Easter table. http://bit.ly/g8ebDo
  • Serve some penguin at your next party. http://bit.ly/gs4hss (via @peeweeherman)
  • RT @mamaspohr: @HJEntertains tip number one – be sure to pose your nuts.
  • Tips for taking better photographs at your next party from HP http://bit.ly/f7B92I (thanks @mamaspohr!)
  • @baptistwineclub Wonderful to meet you too! Can’t wait for more wine adventures.
  • RT @preschoolgems: “I want to go to the occasion!”
  • RT @ChristenKD: Huge, appreciative, gushy thanks to @HJEntertains for the birthday party-planning consult. Wine tasting was enjoyed by all!
  • My next door neighbor is not only hot, she knows a ton about wine. http://youtu.be/y5tSL6RBF-M cc: @heartysplash @winesisterhood

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