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Tips from restaurant parties

Two weeks ago, James and I attended the birthday party for a dear friend of ours hosted at Farmstead restaurant.

Thoughtful touches were everywhere, and most happily, they were thoughtful touches that could be recreated for an event at home.

Like this napkin basket.

Roll your flatware up in some linen napkins and put in a basket. What a lovely touch. Easy too.

I know, I know, I’m always railing against printables. But if you’re already going to be printing stuff out for your party, make a custom menu for guests to take home.

A custom menu is a lovely way to commemorate an occasion — simply type the details of the day on the top and what you’ll be eating. Guests can bring the menus home, they can brainstorm their next big business idea on the back of the menus, they can use it to collect contact information.

(Heck, we should just hand out plain pieces of paper to guests, seems like it could get a lot done — grin.)

Another thing I love? These small bowls of olives.

Putting tiny bowls of snacks around your party makes people feel more comfortable eating the snacks. Don’t forget to put additional dishes next to those bowls to collect the pits.

And to turn it inside out, bring a little bit of home to the restaurant. The restaurant didn’t provide this, Leigh Anne, the generous host, put these gorgeous little boxes in a vintage basket and brought them to the party.

Everyone got a blueberry truffle and some caramels. They made the perfect nosh on the way home.
Yeah, do that.

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