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Benefit rummage sale party

Our new couch

We’re totally going to celebrate Georgia’s upcoming year long trip to Europe with a party.
That’s a given.

But what’s not a given are the funds to get her there.

Another given? We all have too much stuff in our spaces.
So, let’s winwin this mother and get rid of our stuff and
make her some money.

Our 16 year old friend had to make some signs and
tell some people and
price some furniture and
make some pickups and deliveries.

All so she can afford a plane ticket and
some insurance.

On Saturday, we threw a benefit sale.
We already threw one, last year.

And the ladies

It was much easier this year.
I think we learned all kinds of things.

So if you’re thinking of throwing a benefit rummage sale, here are some tips.

Make a playlist.
Rummage sales have an intense audience. Some are mentally ill. Some do this for their jobs. Some really, really like to bargain. Music brought some levity to the event.
(Don’t choose the Beastie Boys Pandora station like I did, waaaaay too much Rage Against The Machine for a friendly rummage sale.)

Have something for early birds to do.
It’s a rummage sale fact, some people will arrive early.
They stand around,
watching you unload your goods,
watching you price,
secretly scurrying the treasures to a secret corner.
So give them a snack, or some coffee, or play some of the Fast and the Furious* on a television attached to an extension cord. If they’re going to be early, put ’em to work.

Have an exit strategy.
Our first rummage sale found leftovers rotting in the rain on our front yard for over a month. Pick a charity for a next day pick up or plan for a trip to the dump that day. Please, please.

Make it easy to collect items.
We have a big front porch. We encouraged people to bring whatever to the house the whole week before — and we’d be happy to schedule pickups too. Being flexible on drop off times made us an extra 600 dollars. For reals.


*NINE years old already!

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