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Tweet Round Up

I post my tweets in reverse chronological order from my Twitter accountHJEntertains on Friday. If you’d like appie-sized advice, I’m your gal.

  • RT @tea_austen: This is how I’d like to end my week: Sparkling Pamplemousse cocktails by @kickpleat
  • That’s Papa’s.
  • Happy last few mealling from Gott’s.
  • Summer non-alcoholic drinks don’t have to be boring cans of soda. Fun, olde-timey drinks here:
  • Vintage coolers are cooler coolers.
  • It was fun to “meet” @ellenfork last night! And play with @erelmartin! And hug errant @TipsyMoonshiners! And share bourbon with @Soircey!
  • Bocce food theme tonight, boozefood. We’re making strawberries with Sambuca and black pepper and I pray it’s better than it sounds.
  • I told you my neighbor was hot. RT @HeartySplash @winesisterhood New Wine Chat TV How to Taste Wine Like a Pro:
  • I know you already know this, but I’ll just say it, grin. Don’t use the same dishes for meat marinating and serving.
  • We shall not forget our citronella candles and bug spray for when the sun goes down and mosquitoes come out.
  • “@erelmartin: Bourbon. Chocolate. Pecan. Pie. Y’all. #boccefood” Can’t freaking wait!
  • Ooh, @erelmartin this is helpful. I may make the tequila chicken instead. Hm. And @backpedalling no, but consider it Googled.
  • This week’s bocce theme is “food with booze in it.” I’m thinking @smittenkitchen’s Chocolate Whiskey and Beer cupcakes.
  • My favorite summer whites? I love the Azur Sauv Blanc with a little ice in it. Don’t tell Napa about the ice.
  • RT @JenSinger: Kelly Ripa and Tom Collichio are getting us #partyready for unexpected guests. Mine usually wear cleats and have homework.
  • Grill tip: Don’t forget to check propane levels or charcoal amount at least 24 hours before guests arrive. No! Fuel-less! Hosts!
  • My favorite summer wine? Ros;&eacute. My client’s is pretty good
  • @HeartySplash Agreed, all weepy in advance! Much love to @mags @maggie @lmayes @elizabeth and especially @hydeparkmom
  • RT @TodaysMama RT @seattlemamas Graduation 2011 – Creative Themes
  • RT @MelissaSummers: When I bring flowers to a party, I bring them in a cheap thrift store vase the hostess can keep.
  • @MelissaSummers I agree re: PITA for host to have to stop prepping food and switch to arranging flowers. Your solution – brilliant!
  • Martha Stewart’s site has a whole mess of sides for grilling. Thanks internet!
  • @SandyCoughlinRE: Apologizing … makes your guests feel uncomfortable.
  • Potluck sides? Avoid piping hot or ice cold sides. Think room temperature like this Fig-Prosciutto pizza
  • Grilling chicken breasts, chops or steaks? Serve with metal forks and knives. Plastic (literally) won’t cut it.
  • Grill tip: Use two different dishes for your meat. One dish to deliver the meat to the grill and one dish to serve the meat.
  • This week we’re talking about outdoor parties of the grilling persuasion.

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