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Everyday Treats, Party Person

As proprietress of both Everyday Treats and Frog and Snail, Roxanna shows the rest of us her impeccable taste. Better yet, she’s nice so that you forgive that face.

Follow her musings on Twitter at @miguelina for even more Roxanna love.

Roxanna generously shared some of her entertaining tips with me for the fourth Party Person featured on I particularly agree with her opinion about a relaxed host “making” the party. Wholehearted agreement.
(Man, I love my Party People.)

What’s the last thing you celebrated? How?

The last thing I celebrated was the royal wedding. I didn’t throw the party, but who says guests aren’t part of a celebration?

The premise was simple — record the wedding and play it back for friends after we all did our respective school runs. It was so considerate!. What made it special is that my friend went all out — she brought out the silver, hired a caterer (!) decorated her home with royal wedding knick knacks, and encouraged us to wear hats. Some of the guests were in their morning workout clothes and others were dressed in 1980s bridesmaid attire (complete with hats!). It was so laid back and crazy and so much fun. Having an excuse to drink mimosas on a random friday morning didn’t hurt.

Give me one word to sum up your hosting style.

I can’t do one word, but I like things easy and elegant.
Yes, the two can co-exist.
In fact, I don’t think you can be elegant if you’re uncomfortable.

What’s your least favorite part of hosting? How do you deal?

When people don’t RSVP. Try as I might, I can’t read minds!

And don’t get me started on bringing extra people without asking first…
How do I deal? Directly. I usually follow-up, politely but firmly.

What’s the most important party ingredient?

A good mix of people and a relaxed host. Once you have that, everything takes care of itself.

Do you have a signature drink or party snack? Mind sharing the ingredients?

I always make cocktail meatballs. They’re easy and people love to have a hot appetizer.

You know the recipe:
Put frozen cocktail or swedish meatballs in the slow cooker.
Cover with equal parts Heinz chili sauce and grape jelly.
Get ready for the party, live your life.
After a few hours cut a bunch of cilantro over it and serve.


What was your biggest party mistake? What did you learn from it?

My first few dinner parties I stressed about everything being perfect. My house had to be perfect, the multi-course meal had to be perfect, everyone had to look perfect.

I was miserable.

I’ve realized that most people are thrilled to be invited to your house for a fun few hours, and that no one expects perfection. Also, I’ve learned that things that cook in the oven are way superior than things that need your attention. I never sautee anything for dinner parties — it’s the oven all the way!

Thanks Roxanna! You’re the foxiest!
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