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Star Wars Salad Roundup

This week’s bocce theme is Star Wars themed food.
Or as the official bocce food theme description* reads, “The force is with us as we dine on the Empire’s favorite dishes.”

But it’s hot in town.
It is in the nineties.
And out there on the shadeless bocce courts, it feels even hotter.
(And let us remember, I was bred in Wisconsin.)

A little web research has brought me a list of Star Wars themed salads. Which one I’ll attempt, I’m not sure. But I’d love your suggestions!

This Jar Jar Binks Salad blew my very mind apart. Jicama carving wins the HJEntertains New Best Craft award.

Even linking to this Star Wars Bubble City Jello Salad probably broke like seventy trademark laws, but we do what we can here.

This Darth Vader Egg Salad Sandwich makes me think that I haven’t eaten enough egg salad lately.

*Yes, we have an official bocce food theme document. We’ll probably have some sort of jackass style guide soon, too. What?

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