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Monthly Archives: July 2011

2011 25 July

Helen Jane Surprise!

(This week I’ll be posting more slow cooker entertaining ideas, but wanted you to hear about my glorious bocce birthday party first. Glorious.) Can you believe my team did this for me? The decor, the food, the styling? All this. They surprised me by changing the bocce theme to “Foods that remind you of Helen […]


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2011 18 July

Swiss banner how-to

My friend Bird is headed to Switzerland next year for her Junior year of high school. Her insurance, her flight, her prep, it’s all more expensive than anyone thought. So those of us that love her, help her throw fund raisers, find families to babysit for and projects for her to raise the money herself. […]

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2011 15 July

Tweet RoundUp

Tweets are in reverse order! Some day I’ll rectify that. Breakfast for dinner I had a feeling that you needed a go-to Sloppy Joe recipe this month. I was right, wasn’t I?… If your meat (for the slow cooker) is bigger than a few lbs, cut in pieces, so the meat’s middle will […]

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2011 14 July

Helen Jane Makes Sloppy Joes

How long has it been since you had a good sloppy joe? Ten years? Fifteen? Are you telling me you’ve NEVER HAD A GOOD SLOPPY JOE? (liar) Sloppy Joes are good for big groups, they’re semi-customizable and they have a surprisingly complex flavor. Fire up your slow cooker, buy some processed, whitebread buns, American cheese […]

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2011 13 July

How to have a good idea

Hello, you, here are the words behind the presentation I posted Monday. I hope it helps you get a new perspective on that thing that’s been on your mind.

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2011 12 July

Asian Man Ribs Recipe

As work heats up and the weather does too, I find myself on the prowl for more crockpot recipes. This one works for a fancy party, a not fancy party or dinner. We serve with steamed edamame, steamed rice and an easy green veggie stir fry. Cutting the ribs into individual pieces means they can […]

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2011 11 July

EVO Presentation

I don’t have the actual talk in here yet, but if you’d like to click through the drawings I did for my Ignite presentation at EVO, you can check them out right here. How to have a good idea View more presentations from Helen Hearn. You look great today. Really.


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2011 8 July

Tweet Round Up

Tweets are in reverse chronological order. Because I’m just that intense. RT @Mental_Clutter: @hjentertains kills the #evoconf #ignite talks!!! I know it’s hot out, but don’t forget that slow cookers are the perfect mulled wine servers AND great for hot chocolate for a crowd. New slow cookers have locks on the lid for safe travels. […]

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2011 4 July

Nora Lea turned three

I asked her what she wanted her birthday party to have. Nora Lea replied. We obliged. Nora Lea turned three and we threw a sweet, sweet party. Ate pink cupcakes and pink donuts. Poured bubbles into our pink strawberry juice. Had a twirl off. Ate the egg casserole. Sausage, bacon, pink lollipops. Yoda, Santa, Baby […]


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2011 1 July

Tweet round up

Here are last week’s tweets in reverse order. “the key to a successful party – besides lovely people, the odd ray of sunshine, and good food and wine – is a bit of chaos” -M Henderson. @therogue Any tips for those folks still afraid to take a knife to their bottles? Iced tea served in […]

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