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Heck yes, I work

Porch party, Cheers!

Holy cow, you guys.
I had no idea how hard it was to entertain and have a full time job.
Seriously, tough.
And it’s not like I wasn’t working full time before — but now that I’m physically out of the house — I just realized I was taking a lot of tips for granted.

I didn’t bring food to the last bocce game because I got back into town an hour into the first game.
There was no time for thoughtful snack curation.
Even less time for food styling or illustration.

Rather than make me disillusioned, this steels my resolve for tucking more social and fun moments in and around work, family and that endless administration that is home care.

Because we just don’t have time to print all that stuff out.
We just don’t have the money to buy stuff to store and we only pull out once a year.
We just don’t.

So we figure out how to work it into our weeks.
Cram it into the special moments that allow us to connect with — to host our people.

More entertaining tips — TIME SAVING entertaining tips — to come in the weeks ahead — thanks for your patience while I sort it all out!


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