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Fast and Cheap, Fast and Good


You are as rushed as I am, I can tell.
So let’s plan ahead.

The easiest way to throw a party in a wee amount of time is to have planned ahead. This means, the last time you made a lasagna, you made two.

Or the last time you made macaroni and cheese, you made three and froze two.

But what if we’re behind the gun, people are coming over tonight and we have a full day of work ahead of us?

What’s that they say about having two of the three?

Fast, cheap or good?

That applies here.
Since we’re only playing with Fast here, I’ve put together two dinner party menus.

Fast and cheap

If someone else is making this food, you can’t go wrong with a pizza party. Buy premade salad bags and turn it into a right fancy affair.

However, if you’re looking for a homier vibe, this is when we turn to the broke-ass foods of our childhood, the canned foods and the basics.

Fast and cheap menu
Black bean soup
Cheese quesadillas with all the fixins
Taco bar
Red rice (RED RICE)

Get some Tecate, lemons and limes (or Jarritos!) and you’re good to go.

Fast and good

Oh, I love this category. We can buy quality pre-made items.
Order in!

Takeout is my savior here, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, just call that restaurant and have them deliver. Your favorite restaurant probably offers take out.
Pick it up. It’s okay! They’ve got it!

If you’re not that adventurous, you can assemble a fancy respectable dinner out of meats, cheeses and fancy breads.

Olives and pickled onions round out the veggie portion.

Fast and cheap.
Fast and good.

You have this one.

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