2011 25 July

Helen Jane Surprise!

(This week I’ll be posting more slow cooker entertaining ideas, but wanted you to hear about my glorious bocce birthday party first. Glorious.) Can you believe my team did this for me? The decor, the food, the styling? All this. They surprised me by changing the bocce theme to “Foods that remind you of Helen […]


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2011 22 June

Star Wars Salad Roundup

This week’s bocce theme is Star Wars themed food. Or as the official bocce food theme description* reads, “The force is with us as we dine on the Empire’s favorite dishes.” But it’s hot in town. It is in the nineties. And out there on the shadeless bocce courts, it feels even hotter. (And let […]

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2011 10 May

Tips from restaurant parties

Two weeks ago, James and I attended the birthday party for a dear friend of ours hosted at Farmstead restaurant. Thoughtful touches were everywhere, and most happily, they were thoughtful touches that could be recreated for an event at home. Like this napkin basket. Roll your flatware up in some linen napkins and put in […]

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2011 3 May

Porch party playlist

It’s the Tuesday before a party, which means that it’s playlist time. I like to tuck playlist creation into my lunch time on Tuesdays, one more thing I’ll find I did for myself during Friday’s party prep. (Oh thank you HJ from the past!) Summer music is such a time-honored tradition. You want to properly […]

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2011 22 February

Dinner Party Playlist

Putting the music together for your dinner party can be done during lunch. And it can be done months ahead of time. Easy. Want to get really into it? Plan your music around the timing of your party. You invited Bob and Robbie over for dinner at seven on Thursday. You have thirty minutes to […]

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