2011 26 May

Honorably honor Memorial Day

Wicker Picnic Basket Grass, bystevendepolo All I’ve ever known Memorial Day for is that it had something to do with the military and we got a bonus day off work. My parents will be here for the holiday weekend. We’re excited to clean out the grill, invite friends over and mix up the lemonade. The […]

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2011 2 May

Glazed lemon and orange cornmeal cookies

Well, that was fun. We delivered our May Day baskets. Most happily, we delivered them to the neighbors that dislike us. (Like, these neighbors actively growl in our direction — they don’t like our messy yard, they don’t like our (silent) dog, they just don’t like the chaos that comes with all the entertaining and […]


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2011 28 April

Filling your May Day basket

The nice thing about adapting a tradition like May Day for modern ages is that you don’t have to feel locked in to a certain style. Filling your May Day basket doesn’t have to be expensive or twee, it can be what ever the heck you want it to be. Fun. Modern. Photographic. Natural. In […]

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2011 27 April

Building May Day Baskets

Baskets are the bane of my clutter-free home. They remind me of that late eighties country kitchen theme, one not really my aesthetic. So when it comes to the basket part of the May Day basket, I have three suggestions so you’re not buying extra stuff. 1. Use extra Easter baskets. We are lucky enough […]

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2011 14 February

Strawberry Hearts

I do this every time I cut strawberries but thought it particularly appropriate for Valentine’s day. Get a strawberry. Cut the strawberry at a 45° angle from the top right towards the middle. Remove the knife and cut it at the opposite 45% degree angle toward the strawberry’s middle. Now your strawberry looks like this […]


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2011 8 February

Party with my feet up.

An ill-timed foray into Boot Camp had me on the couch, feet up and back out. Then, the Toxicity Gods then released a virus into my head and face. So, while I’m sitting, I might as well be sitting. That’s okay. I’m healing. And planning a Valentine’s day celebration. All I’m doing today is using […]

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