2011 20 September

Avoiding Fear of Entertaining

Most reluctance around entertaining is based around fear. It’s terrifying to attempt new things in front of guests. Even scarier when it’s about entertaining. You’re doing it wrong in public! I sure know that fear. Fear of doing it wrong. Fear that that twenty dollar cheese you just invested in is Gross and Wrong and […]


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2011 16 September

Fast and Cheap, Fast and Good

You are as rushed as I am, I can tell. So let’s plan ahead. The easiest way to throw a party in a wee amount of time is to have planned ahead. This means, the last time you made a lasagna, you made two. Or the last time you made macaroni and cheese, you made […]

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2011 16 August

Malcolm’s Chili Verde of Love

Malcolm’s Chili Verde of Love recipe won this year’s chili cook off. I know he’s good at making it because he makes it a lot. See, his daughter is allergic to almost every ingredient in the world EXCEPT for the ingredients in this chili.(I’m talking gluten, eggs, dairy, beef. This girl is ALLERGIC.) Since Malcolm’s […]

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2011 15 August

Chili cookoff administration

I have a hard time writing about this year’s bocce chili cook off because, well, I wasn’t there. Driving, flying, delayed, working, etc. The delay in Chicago (Hey, Chicago, you’ve had 100% delays or cancellations for my last NINE flights through you. WARNING.) caused me to miss the whole dang event. So, I ain’t done […]

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2011 5 August

Chili cookoff week

Yeah, I know I’ve been silent lately. I started my fancy pants new real job this week. Don’t worry, it’s a temporary silence. We have some parties to talk about. This week is the FIFTH annual bocce chili cookoff. My co-host Katie made a sweet graphic for the event. We’re putting together our favorite tips […]

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2011 25 July

Helen Jane Surprise!

(This week I’ll be posting more slow cooker entertaining ideas, but wanted you to hear about my glorious bocce birthday party first. Glorious.) Can you believe my team did this for me? The decor, the food, the styling? All this. They surprised me by changing the bocce theme to “Foods that remind you of Helen […]


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2011 18 July

Swiss banner how-to

My friend Bird is headed to Switzerland next year for her Junior year of high school. Her insurance, her flight, her prep, it’s all more expensive than anyone thought. So those of us that love her, help her throw fund raisers, find families to babysit for and projects for her to raise the money herself. […]

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2011 4 July

Nora Lea turned three

I asked her what she wanted her birthday party to have. Nora Lea replied. We obliged. Nora Lea turned three and we threw a sweet, sweet party. Ate pink cupcakes and pink donuts. Poured bubbles into our pink strawberry juice. Had a twirl off. Ate the egg casserole. Sausage, bacon, pink lollipops. Yoda, Santa, Baby […]


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2011 26 June

The Ensalada Strikes Back

Thanks to the Empire Strikes Back running on a constant loop at our house, last week’s bocce theme was Star Wars inspired food. (Your almost three year old daughter is similarly obsessed with Princess Leia? Then you’re aware of all the Star Wars in our house.) Inspired by the HJEntertains.com Salad Week, I brought The […]

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2011 22 June

Eagerly planning

I’m having tons of fun planning what might be the most interesting three year old birthday party on record. Anyone know where I can find a pink Yoda?  


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