2011 20 September

Avoiding Fear of Entertaining

Most reluctance around entertaining is based around fear. It’s terrifying to attempt new things in front of guests. Even scarier when it’s about entertaining. You’re doing it wrong in public! I sure know that fear. Fear of doing it wrong. Fear that that twenty dollar cheese you just invested in is Gross and Wrong and […]


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2011 16 September

Fast and Cheap, Fast and Good

You are as rushed as I am, I can tell. So let’s plan ahead. The easiest way to throw a party in a wee amount of time is to have planned ahead. This means, the last time you made a lasagna, you made two. Or the last time you made macaroni and cheese, you made […]

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2011 13 September

Quick and delicious cheese plates

It’s September, or as I like to call it, “the perfect cheese platter time of the year.” I know, it’s a mouthful, but that’s just how I feel about September and cheese. Since September is also the holy-goat-we’re-so-flipping-busy time of year, cheese platters are good for quick entertaining. Cutting all those summer veggies can be […]

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2011 19 August

Tweet Round Up

Hey! This week, tweets are in their right and proper order! Our second place chili winner is none other than our neighbor and teammate’s green pork chili. Malcolm’s Chili Verde of Love! Best yet, Teammate Paul won first cornbread with his French Toast cornbread. He’s on a BBQ tour of Kansas. I’ll get the recipe. […]

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2011 10 August

How to rehydrate dried peppers

If you want award winning chili, you need award winning chiles. If fresh won’t work due to your location or the heat, consider rehydrating dried peppers for pureeing in the food processor. Put as many dried chiles as you need for the recipe in a bowl that’s heatproof. Pour boiling water on top of them. […]

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2011 18 July

Swiss banner how-to

My friend Bird is headed to Switzerland next year for her Junior year of high school. Her insurance, her flight, her prep, it’s all more expensive than anyone thought. So those of us that love her, help her throw fund raisers, find families to babysit for and projects for her to raise the money herself. […]

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2011 15 July

Tweet RoundUp

Tweets are in reverse order! Some day I’ll rectify that. Breakfast for dinner http://instagr.am/p/HvgM_/ I had a feeling that you needed a go-to Sloppy Joe recipe this month. I was right, wasn’t I? hjentertains.com/blog/2011/07/1… If your meat (for the slow cooker) is bigger than a few lbs, cut in pieces, so the meat’s middle will […]

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2011 13 July

How to have a good idea

Hello, you, here are the words behind the presentation I posted Monday. I hope it helps you get a new perspective on that thing that’s been on your mind.

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2011 8 July

Tweet Round Up

Tweets are in reverse chronological order. Because I’m just that intense. RT @Mental_Clutter: @hjentertains kills the #evoconf #ignite talks!!! I know it’s hot out, but don’t forget that slow cookers are the perfect mulled wine servers AND great for hot chocolate for a crowd. New slow cookers have locks on the lid for safe travels. […]

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2011 1 July

Tweet round up

Here are last week’s tweets in reverse order. “the key to a successful party – besides lovely people, the odd ray of sunshine, and good food and wine – is a bit of chaos” -M Henderson. @therogue Any tips for those folks still afraid to take a knife to their bottles? Iced tea served in […]

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