2011 18 July

Swiss banner how-to

My friend Bird is headed to Switzerland next year for her Junior year of high school. Her insurance, her flight, her prep, it’s all more expensive than anyone thought. So those of us that love her, help her throw fund raisers, find families to babysit for and projects for her to raise the money herself. […]

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2011 15 June

Fruit Salad Stick

Banana. Strawberries. Melon. Kiwi. Mint. Blueberries. Pineapple. Whatever. You get the drill. Clean it. Peel it. Cut it into pieces. Put it on a skewer. I like to drizzle it with a little Agave syrup. You like to share it with your friends.


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2011 28 April

Filling your May Day basket

The nice thing about adapting a tradition like May Day for modern ages is that you don’t have to feel locked in to a certain style. Filling your May Day basket doesn’t have to be expensive or twee, it can be what ever the heck you want it to be. Fun. Modern. Photographic. Natural. In […]

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2011 27 April

Building May Day Baskets

Baskets are the bane of my clutter-free home. They remind me of that late eighties country kitchen theme, one not really my aesthetic. So when it comes to the basket part of the May Day basket, I have three suggestions so you’re not buying extra stuff. 1. Use extra Easter baskets. We are lucky enough […]

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2011 19 April

Photographing your nuts

Like I mentioned, AB Chao and I had a good deal of fun presenting last minute appetizer tips to the attendees of the Mom 2.0 Summit in New Orleans. Part of our presentation had appetizer photography tips. (You might as well capture some content while you’re prepping snacks.) Like I may have said here, I’m […]


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2011 11 April

How to open a bottle of wine

The roughest part of learning to open a bottle of wine is that so often this act is completed in front of a group. I avoided it for years, handing the bottle off to a more confident guest because there were all those expectant faces looking at me. (Now that I think of it, maybe […]


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2011 26 January

Cheese markers of awesome

Oh Beehive Kitchenware Co. with your painfully adorable cheese markers.

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