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2011 11 July

EVO Presentation

I don’t have the actual talk in here yet, but if you’d like to click through the drawings I did for my Ignite presentation at EVO, you can check them out right here. How to have a good idea View more presentations from Helen Hearn. You look great today. Really.


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2011 4 February

Tweets from 1/31-2/4

If you insist on making a Superbowl playlist, please don’t forget the Gary Glitter. Clean the bathroom the guests will be using at your Superbowl party. All that beer makes it a popular spot. Buy twice the amount of dippers as feels right. Since we don’t double dip, guests go through them faster. Keep yourself […]

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2011 28 January

Tip round up @HJEntertains

Follow me on Twitter @HJEntertains if you would like my teeny entertaining tips (I update about two times every day.) Host gift for the cheese enthusiast: Mozzerella and Ricotta DIY Cheese kit. I know he’s a friend of mine but GoVino’s wine glasses really are the best bet for wine on the go […]

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