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2011 14 February

Strawberry Hearts

I do this every time I cut strawberries but thought it particularly appropriate for Valentine’s day. Get a strawberry. Cut the strawberry at a 45° angle from the top right towards the middle. Remove the knife and cut it at the opposite 45% degree angle toward the strawberry’s middle. Now your strawberry looks like this […]


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2011 10 February

Tasty and dependable egg casserole

Egg casseroles are one of those triple threat brunch recipes. They’re inexpensive, taste great and can be made ahead of time. (The J Lo of brunch casseroles!) And although, unlike J-Lo, egg casseroles aren’t the fanciest dishes on the brunch table, they’re dependable. The work horse of the brunch table. The tasty work horse of […]


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2011 10 February

Be Mine, Coffee Cake

In our Valentine’s breakfast planning, we realized it’s far better to make all the dishes ahead of time than rise at four. This coffee cake can be made up to two days ahead. (But I’d recommend the night before. Less temptation that way.) It’s made in a Bundt pan, which on the surface seems like […]

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2011 8 February

Party with my feet up.

An ill-timed foray into Boot Camp had me on the couch, feet up and back out. Then, the Toxicity Gods then released a virus into my head and face. So, while I’m sitting, I might as well be sitting. That’s okay. I’m healing. And planning a Valentine’s day celebration. All I’m doing today is using […]

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